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Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation

Putin just won another term as President, but has to sit it out next time. Of course, we know he won't. Remember that he once served as a shadow President while officially in the PM role. I figure he will bully the Duma to alter the constitution or just do the "President for life" thing.

Never mind all that bollocks....the shit hits the fan when he dies or is "incapacitated" which is going to happen in the next....decade, for sure. You heard it here first.
Yes, the Russian National Anthem uses the same music as the Soviet anthem (but different lyrics).

Putin had the anthem changed to use the music of the Soviet anthem a few years ago. He's quite a sentimentalist. He almost cried when he was stationed in Dresden as a KGB agent during the fall of communism as the files were being burnt at the Soviet consulate.
Nevertheless, I have a hard time understanding when the average Russian citizen has ever been more secure, free or prosperous.

Actually, one of my best friends is from Moskva and he'll tell anyone that Russia has always been fucked up and nothing ever really changes.

We can write off the Soviet period from 1917 to 1989, unless our name is Jeremy Corbyn or that Marxist Alberta academic nutbar who denies the Holodomor ever happened.

Who the hell is this? What a wank. ( I know who Corbyn is....also a wank).

As for Canada, I understand sanctimonious moralizing to other countries is our plat du jour - Dean Acheson called us the stern daughter of the voice of God years ago with good reason.

Really? Where's our government on this in regards to China? I'd take some of that behaviour right about now in regards to the Nazi Germany of the 21st century. Alas, our PM is a bit of a fanboy.

One could argue that nothing a Canadian government says matters or even registers beyond our borders.

This is, as far as I can tell, entirely true. Unfortunately. The result of the past 20 years of failed diplomacy and lack of leadership and conviction of character.

Nevertheless, we might want a foreign minister somewhat less involved in Ukraine’s national cause and somewhat more circumspect about fairly complex issues with no direct bearing on our own interests.

She's no longer FM. Champagne is the new FM. Freeland is now Deputy PM (!) and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister.
Russia expels two German diplomats

Moscow vowed retaliatory measures after Germany expelled two Russian diplomats over the killing in Berlin of a Georgian man. German prosecutors have said there is evidence the murder was carried out on Moscow's behalf.

Moscow rail's accidental 'new year gift' to commuters

A few lucky passengers on Moscow's new suburban railway have received early "new year gifts": the ticket system has credited them accidentally with about 20,000 roubles (£240; $320) each.

Kremlin: US sanctions won't stop Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany

Russia has slammed US sanctions over the mammoth gas pipeline to Germany as illegal and an example of "unfair competition." The measures, which still need Donald Trump's approval, target firms involved in the project.

Anti-Putin activist Ruslan Shaveddinov 'forcibly conscripted' and sent to Arctic

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny says 23-year-old is a ‘political prisoner’ after being taken to secret and remote air defence base

Agence France-Presse
Thu 26 Dec 2019 00.59 GMT

Russian police raid opposition leader Alexei Navalny's office

Alexei Navalny has been targeted again by a raid on his anti-corruption center. It comes after one of his allies was forcibly sent to a remote outpost in the arctic.

Never mind all that bollocks....the shit hits the fan when he dies or is "incapacitated" which is going to happen in the next....decade, for sure. You heard it here first.

It will be Stalin all over again. The ironic thing is I fully expect a Communist Russia to emerge again before Putin leaves office permanently
The new Soviet Union would be more similar to that of Xi Jinping's China than it is to Khrushchev's Soviet Union or even Gorbachev's Soviet Union.

Realistically speaking Russia hasn't been even remotely Democratic since Boris Yeltsin left office. As much as he was a drunken oaf most of the time Boris was great for Russia despite outlawing the Communist party of the Russia.

Todays Russia is nowhere near democratic, hell Putin even brought back the red star for the military.

Russia is more autocratic today than it has been since 1991. That all started when Putin came into office.

That being said, the only thing separting current day Russia from the USSR is a hammer and sickle. If the EU begins to falter expect Russia to expand. I can see the former warsaw block countries aligning themselves with Russia if the EU begins to involve themselves in the internal affairs of other countries.

As for Putin, he is a former KGB agent and I wouldn't be surprised if he is part of a larger plot to restore the USSR. Conspiracy theory yes but it fits his profile and that of the former KGB.

Mark my words, the Hammer and Sickle will fly over the Kremlin within the next 5 years