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With all the construction projects going on right now, which are you most looking forward to seeing the final completion of? Mine is probably Sick Kids. The entire block is eventually going to be redeveloped. The amount of work they do for the children is incredible and as our population increases, this is going to be a more demanding institution for kids.
Condo owner at QA. Would you know if there is a condo owner's forum? I recently emailed QA about the occupancy date and told July 2025 by email. I took the news bittersweet.
Hello. I saw one of your postings and you mentioned that you have a parking spot available for rent. Is it still available ? Thanks !
Hello dear friends,
I am really confused about all this.
Can anyone shed a light in to what is really going on with Uptown Heart lake, Brampton project? Are we going to get our deposit back or are they trying to find a builder to build the project? If so, will they increase prices to the market value? For any updates, I will be most grateful. thank you all.