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Hi RZ12, I saw your post on Home on Power. I worked closely with the builder sales rep. There are still three two beds two baths units under 1M. Please send an email to I will send you the information about these three units.
Parking :(
Hi welkie, I found your comment from November 28, 2019 about the cramped sidewalk conditions on north side of St. Clair West, running east of Bathurst St.. Have you had concerns about walking along that north strip going to the TTC or Loblaws in the winter with ice and/or snow conditions? Any problem with the grade of the sidewalk around the old gas station site?
Hi Steve. Love the 3D models. Just an FYI. I noticed you still show 64 Prince Arthur as "proposed". That development was turned down at LPAT (OLT), so as of now there is no proposal for that site. Best.
Is this how I send a private message? I want ot send a message to a member, but don't think it needs to be posted to the forum. Thanks.
Hello Midtown Hank,
Yes, only the recipient will be able to see it.

Midtown Hank