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Brampton Transit/Zum

New planning submission for the Bramalea Transit Terminal. File SPA-2022-0212.
No documents yet but:
The work consists of rehabilitation of Bramalea Transit Terminal for full depth reconstruction at the terminal for failed pavement for safe operation of transit buses and pedestrian access. The work to be completed includes, but is not limited to, the following: • Supply, installation, maintenance and removal of all traffic control components (signs, barricades, fences, barriers, delineators, flagmen, etc.) and modifications to accommodate safe detouring of vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the construction site; • Environmental protection including laying of mud mat and sweeping the work area for silt, sedimentation; • Full depth removal of existing concrete pavement and reinstatement; • Drainage improvements, removal of existing storm sewer and appurtenances, as specified in the contract drawings, including removal, excavation, geotextile, granular base/subbase and hot mix asphalt; • Line painting as specified in the contract drawings; • Clean up and restoration of site after conclusion of the work.
Brampton ZUM is an excellent example of how people are far more concerned about frequency of service than they are about flashy new infrastructure.

York has spent a small fortune on its BRT with little resulting increase in ridership because the service levels aren't there as opposed to Brampton which spent relatively little on its infrastructure but rather put its funding towards service levels.
Overview of schedule changes. Will add link to the official City site later.

Overview of schedule changes. Will add link to the official City site later.

There’s nothing really to note, which is unfortunate, as Brampton Transit hit an all-time monthly ridership record in October, and November 2022 is well above November 2019.

The only real improvement is that construction at Bramalea GO is nearly complete, and the new Steeles Avenue entrance is open, with a dedicated bus driveway. This allows the Brampton Transit buses on Steeles (11/511) to enter the station easily for the first time, making transfers so much easier.
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Upcoming MTSA session this month

Good news for both Airport and Torbram buses. At a 8 min AM frequency, they stand alongside Kennedy, Steeles, and Chinguacousy as among the most frequent local corridors in the city, even if its only at that time. Also great to see 58 Financial make a return after so long. This is nowhere near fixing close to half the issues of the current state that BT is in right now. For example, who still thinks its a good idea to not run 501A/C buses at least mid day to fill in the gaps, and to still run 501 on Sundays at a… *30 min frequency* on the entire route.
Annoying that some of the routes will go from 30 to 35 minute service at certain times, though I suspect that's a problem of keeping to schedule and not true cut in service. The good news is that the city budget, once approved, will allow for major service improvements this year -- provided they have enough drivers trained and ready, of course.

Until the budget is approved and the drivers are ready, I suspect BT will continue to make changes like this -- address the crowding first -- before it makes proactive service improvements and expansions.