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  • Hey Jason, I'm not able to start a new thread so you can be my guest. I saw this today after work. My i-phone cam is screwed so I just took a blurry picture and typed it out. A new office tower in the entertainment district!

    An application has been submitted to amend zoning by-law 438-86 to permit the development of a office building with retail at grade. The proposed height of the building is 29-storeys or 129 metres and the proposed GFA is 68,422 square meters. Parking would be provided in a 3 level underground parking structure containing 210 parking spaces.

    Statutory public meeting:
    Monday May 28th 2012 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Metro Hall Room 308

    FILE: 12 144710 STE 20 02

    The only render can be seen on the board in front of Shoppers. It looks to have a pretty massive floorplate.
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