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Yonge-Dundas Square/Sankofa Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

Given that the Council report was titled "Confronting the Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade", the renaming committee was essentially tasked with finding an "anti-Dundas" name. This precluded being able to evaluate some of the more Toronto-centric names mentioned in the previous posts. It's not that the process was too long, as per the Mayor's comments, its terms of engagement were flawed and compromised from the beginning.
December 20, 2023:


Whatever the name of this square is, there's a funfair!
…indeed, in the end it may all end up being a much ado about nothing.
Hey, why not bring back an old idea and call it "Toronto Life Square". Not after the magazine, mind you; but simply an expression of how this is where "Toronto life" takes place. Sort of like how the CN Tower became "Canada's National Tower". ;-)
I think the solution is obvious. Find another person with the name Dundas, preferably local, with no ties to Henry Dundas, and who carries no baggage, and name the street and square after that person. Put up a plaque recognizing this person and you're done. Millions save and life goes on.