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Year end questions - buildings

I don't know ...

the market can't be that soft with several major renovations and at least 4 new hotels on both sides of the 427

and someone did buy the complex fairly recently with plans of converting it to two hotels


demolition is a significant investment in itself and I just don't see a market for office, industrial, more parking space (or whatever additional uses couldn't be easily adapted to the space)
Finally this week, complete demolition is happening on the Constellation Hotel. Apparently a potential sale is in the works after another bankruptcy. The poor hotel has been rejected and tossed back and forth since 2003 and I was starting to compare it to the Bayview Ghost. This week all that was left of the new wing was the elevator shaft, but the original building looks a lot tougher to bring down.

I'll miss the old girl. A lot of good memories and unique design.