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Will Toronto benefit from the Quebec Charter of values fisaco?

Xenophobia still alive and well in Quebec. The future of Quebec is unemployed white people.
That’s wishful thinking. Quebec is a province, or nation of small to large, family owned businesses. Those businesses and those jobs will carry on. In Ontario so many of us work for subsidiaries of US firms, but in Quebec there are far more Quebecer owned employers. They’ll be fine.
Immigrants, anglophones will move to the GTA and the rest of Ontario…
Yes, that is the intent of the new legislation. Become us, or get out. That said, AIUI, immigrants who embrace French and ditch the religious garb of their countries of origin would be welcome.
I personally have doubts these cases will go anywhere since their cases don't seem to be strong, but I always think it fascinating how Quebec French is defacto-considered the 'natural/supreme' language of Quebec (with the CAQ applying a salami-slicing tactic on other 'foreign' languages like English)- all while ignoring the fact that Quebeckers themselves are also colonists sharing indigenous lands- who are still playing to the dominant/dominated dynamic that has characterized modern native relationships in North America.

Likewise, the screws turn tighter on the religion side of things (IMO an inordinate amount of political energy has been wasted on this, which could have been used for something more 'useful' like extending Bill 101 to the CEGEPs):

And yes, there are people who literally police language on their own time which is how these laws actually are enforced:
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