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Toronto's Culture Production Boom

Something different; the U.S. version of 'Top Chef' will film its next series entirely in Canada.

Toronto will definitely be a player, however, where the show normally sticks to one city/area until the finale, I'm under the impression the show will actually tour the country a bit; federal dollars in play subsidizing this of course, the argument will be tourism. (backdrop vistas, plus culinary tourism).
A piece in The Hollywood Report interviews TIFF honcho Cameron Bailey.

The news in the piece is that TIFF has secured 17M to launch a 'market', in conjunction with TIFF starting in 2026. By a market, I mean a formal set-up for the buying and selling of films and their rights.

The idea is to building Canadian film, TIFF's profile and to foster tourism. Should TIFF achieve its objectives, they would increase the number of industry players who come to Toronto in the Festival season from 5,000 today to 12,000.

Excerpts from the above:



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