Toronto U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre (Phase 1) | 64.8m | 13s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

It's a wonderful new landmark that serves as an interesting gateway to the Queen's Park and University of Toronto precinct. The staircase visible through the glass part of the west facade is marvelous.

There is some room for improvement, though. I find that the colour of the cladding doesn't harmonize or contrast particularly well with the Frost Building to the north. The glassy facade at street level is dull. They could have also varied the pattern in the concrete cladding a bit from top to bottom to avoid monotony.
Sunset on November 16 from PMCRT:

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 12.27.03 AM.png

From peering in, it seems like a lot of the interior is furnished. I wonder when it will open doors
I can’t visualize what this block will look like after phase 2 is built. It might look like too much of the same thing?? Kind of overpowering? Can’t really tell from the renderings.
By the way, the Frost building is one of my very favourite buildings in TO.
I think this building will actually look better once phase 2 is complete, as it will look like one large complex/building, with shared lobby. There will be four 'step ups' going west to east, which I think fits the area as you move closer to Queen's Park.

This building stands out, but won't be the centrepiece, as that is QP's job, but it will help frame QP from certain directions. I think this structure and the Leslie Dan Pharmacy building will work well together on either sides of the greenspace, with similar massing, albeit with contrasting architecture.

Here's the Google map from above, I think it's a nice framing of that green space, that was missing before on one side. Symmetry of scale and massing can be pretty attractive.

Unilever has opened a Toronto AI lab but no detailed information. Is it in this building? Thanks!

I had no idea that soap companies were on the leading edge of AI research. On another note, I guess this somewhat makes up for their soap factory that was just torn down.
@interchange42 looks like there's an error in the database address/forum tag. Says Halton Hills instead of Toronto
I've made them bring it back. You'll see it on College in Toronto again next time you're there.