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Toronto Tourism

You can chose to stick your head in the sand if you want.

What is going on in the US is shameful.

What's going on? The democratically-elected President is following through on his campaign promises? The world will keep spinning, just like it kept spinning when Obama was in power for 8 years and Republicans said the world was going to end.
The Canadian dollar sucks. Expect more Americans and Canadians vacationing in Toronto this summer.
The Canadian dollar sucks. Expect more Americans and Canadians vacationing in Toronto this summer.

If they let the Americans back into the United States. See link.

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If people who have any intention to go to Toronto get alienated by an ad, that's some special snowflake they are. They would be even more alienated when they see all "those people" on the streets. Having a brand is better than not having one at all.

Speaking of alienating - I would look at what's happening to US tourism instead - and they don't even need a campaign for it.

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With the loss of all these hotel rooms, where will the tourists stay? More and more condo's are banning Air BnB's. Is tourism that bad in Toronto? A city the size of Toronto does have a rather small hotel selection compared to other big cities like Chicago.

Condo developments threaten hundreds of hotel jobs, critics warn

Concerns also raised that conversions in Toronto’s red-hot housing market could hamper tourism.
Of note:


Those are great numbers. However, I think we need to study not just aggregate totals for economic activity related to tourism but whether people are coming back repeatedly and recommending that others visit the city. Sometimes, I try to imagine the city through a visitor's eyes. Having seen Dundas Square and the Eaton Centre and paid a lot to visit the CN Tower or ROM, would I want to come back again? Would I often think that I was getting a fantastic value while in the city or doing things that were unique and hard to find elsewhere? Would I recommend the city to all my friends?

If the answers are generally, "no", then we need to invest more into our public spaces, attractions, and funding institutions well so that they don't have to charge off putting entrance fees.