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There is some sort of meeting Sep 20 (tonite) on the 35 & 55 story proposal for Bay & Yorkville.
877 Yonge Street
I did, thankfully no-one else did.

Basically the developer wasn't there, it was a NIMBY group. The Chair and the key speaker both opened with essentially the same line:

'We ourselves have no agenda - no preconceived views - we are merely a body which conveyes your views to those in Government in order to get developers, who are running rampant in our neighbourhoods, to change their plans...'

They sort of implied that every decision goes gainst them anyways, because the OMB is so pro-development. Its almost as if they feel they ought to win 50% of their protests.

As far as Im concerned rulemakers should be consistent - EVERY large development on Bay ought ot be approved.
Yorkville gets no pitty from me, it's Toronto's crossroad, Uptown of Downtown. It is meant to be built up, sure maintain the historic feel where you can, but as a resident don't complain that a new building is going to cast a shadow in your yard, to frikin bad, you live in North Americas biggest city, if you want open are and big backyards, saddle up and move to Calgary.
It's also downtown. Not sure how and why you expect no tall buildings to be built ever.
Always felt that the east side of Bay was really Yonge & Bloor, and not really the 'village' of Yorkville. These nimbys have too much time on their hands....
Always felt that the east side of Bay was really Yonge & Bloor, and not really the 'village' of Yorkville. These nimbys have too much time on their hands....

Though keep in mind that this *was* "downtown Yorkville" back when Yorkville really was a "village"--the long-gone Town Hall at Yonge + Yorkville, as well as the fire hall and library...
The notice appears to suggest that the Ford auto dealership is part of the site for the new building. Perhaps the dealership will soon be history, thanks to this development (giving us just another reason to support the development).
actually, i dont like that this includes the dealership. that seems like too large a parcel of land to accomodate just two towers. i was personally hoping that the four seasons would take up just the parking lot and plaza, leaving the dealership's land for another tower in the future

then again, the site plan hasn't been released yet. for all i know the plan calls for a 10 storey podium running down yorkville. but even then, that would make for an awfully monotonous block
I agree, I think the project is running North on Bay rather than East on Yorkville - not sure.
they are also discussing this over at SSC...there was some kind of public meeting tonight, where the design was to be revealed. The meeting was from 7-9pm.
any word on this?

I am eagerly awaiting renderings for this and the new shangri-la, as well as BA centre and so much to be a NIMBY...The four seasons website is not updated, still pre-registration. As for Shangri-la, their website has a nice rendering of the vancouver and chicago (waterview tower) projects, as well as the London one (london bridge tower). I'm sure the Toronto building will look real nice.

I have this personal thing where i want Toronto to have as many 200m+ buildings as possible...i guess i'm getting what i want :hat