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Toronto Bike Share

"His worship Mayor John Tory will be making an announcement" :D
New Bike Station this morning at the Beltline Trail and Chaplin Crescent.

* This appears to be the location for the above mentioned presser.
This is pretty interesting. I'm not sure if it's been shared yet.



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I'm finding expansion to suburbs/north york a bit crazy given that very very few people can climb up the hill to uptown on these bikes. I guess they (plan to?) have a system to actively transport and redistribute bikes back up north.
Don't underestimate short-distance biking. As someone who regularly bikes between Eglinton and St Clair, I would gladly keep my personal bike at home if I had ubiquitous access to bixi. One day, Eglinton Connects will bring a strong cycling network along the entire corridor.

I think there should actually be a mini-army of bixi bikes at Yonge+Eglinton. Would be fantastic alternative to the shuttle bus during subway closures, and would bolster the day-time bike numbers in downtown. There would need to be some system of redistributing the bikes back north overnight though as you say.
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I could probably get from Yonge/Eglinton to Yonge/Sheppard in under 30 mins on a Bike Share, but wouldn't want to try conquering the York Mills hill on one of those heavy bikes.

The Yonge-401 bypass trail idea needs to be brought up every single time the York Mills hills are mentioned. It would really be a game-changer.

"There really should be bike stations outside of every subway station..."

That absolutely makes no sense. Like, a bikeshare station outside of Yorkdale station?