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News   Jul 12, 2024
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Political Landscape of Toronto (including Ward Boundary Review)

Keesmaat's planning department population projections do not make sense. I don't understand why in certain areas growth (planned and unplanned) are included into populations, but in other areas, they aren't. How is Ward 6 maintaining the same ward boundaries after adding 30k residents at Humber Bay (Mark Grimes' figure)?
Planning department numbers are only as good as their base assumptions.

I think everyone at every level of the planning and political process has their head-in-the-sand over the growth at Humber Bay. They really do not account that large sites like the Kraft/Mondelez site will be redeveloped in the relatively near future with huge residential population. As far as the assumptions are concerned, they are 'industrial lands that are to be protected'. Neither did City Planning realize that Mimico was about to be facing a condo boom.
Instead of, or in addition to, ward numbers, maybe we should actually give the new wards names to go with them. Preferably, different names than the provincial riding names.

I like the names they use for constituency seats in the UK. Quite creative!
BOOM, justice. Eff you, Di Dunpar (who is already invoking Trumpisms via statement: "Adding more politicians to City Hall serves no one's interest but the political establishment").

Don't be too hard on him, he may think that all politicians are like him re: OPP investigation.