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Mayor Olivia Chow's Toronto

He stayed extra days on our dime is his fault. That was his choice and no reason to expense it. He rented a Beamer … if he paid extra, that’s his fault. If the car rental place upgraded at no extra charge, cool. He overslept? Totally his fault.
again with the oversleeping you dont know that.
You said the oversleeping was true but not his fault. When an adult oversleeps despite having an assistant there and modern technology available including alarm functions, it’s their own fault.
ah i see you decided to nitpick missing my point completely. COOLCOOLCOOL

Again never said the optics were good, Its just not as bad as the headline leads you to believe
"he stayed extra days on taxpayers dime"
"he rented a beamer"
"he overslept and missed his flight"

all of which are true but not his fault.

And again with this "youre a paid shill"

Cmon man, I wish i was being paid by: Ontario Government, Therme, Metrolinx, and now this rando city councillor in scarborough. Sounds about right dont you think?

that better?
Not nitpicking at all. You say thing’s aren’t true and they are, but really there’re not. Or something. You should have quit while you were ahead, if you ever were. One has to question why you are so bound and determined to defend someone who overspent because they stayed longer than planned and then couldn’t get themselves (or their assistant) to the airport on time.
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While the behaviour is not meritorious, I feel that it is a distraction from more important matters. I expect the city wasted more than $7k is 10 different ways today.
This is true, but it's a bigger slice of the Toronto budget than Bev Oda's $16 orange juice was of the federal budget :)

Yes, I know that a thimble full of orange juice probably costs $16 on King West these days, but that was back in 2012.
While the behaviour is not meritorious, I feel that it is a distraction from more important matters. I expect the city wasted more than $7k is 10 different ways today.
It's not just about the money for me, it's about the councillor's competence and integrity. It sounds like he failed to exercise good judgement and also may have misled council about the events leading up to his missed flight home. That kind of thing makes an impartial observer (like me) question his judgement in other matters.
I am generally not too keen on Cllr Fletcher but she is on track here and was clearly pissed off about the Mantas fiasco.

MM18.10 - Publicly Providing Receipts Before City Council Consideration of Expenses under the Members of Council Operations Policy - by Councillor Paula Fletcher, seconded by Councillor Jon Burnside​

Notice of Motion
Consideration Type: ACTIONWards: All
* Notice of this Motion has been given.
* This Motion is subject to referral to the Executive Committee. A two-thirds vote is required to waive referral.


Councillor Paula Fletcher, seconded by Councillor Jon Burnside, recommends that:

1. City Council amend the Members of Council Operations Policy to provide that where the policy requires City Council approval for expenses, the City Clerk shall provide City Council with documentation including receipts related to the expenses as attachments to the agenda item.


The openness of the City is something that we should rightfully take pride in. The City is routinely the most accessible, available, and transparent level of government. Much of this comes from the improvements and changes that past Council’s made to increase accountability.

Recent events have highlighted the continued need for Council to continuously make improvements and changes to our processes in order to continue to meet our high standards. When considering requests for Council approval under the Members of Council Operations Policy the standard should be that receipts related to the requested reimbursement be provided publicly to assure the public that we’re making decisions with as much information as possible.

Background Information​

Member Motion MM18.10
Don Valley West city councillor Jaye Robinson has passed away.


via Twitter
Apologies as I may be misinformed but didn't she have cancer.

@DSC please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
She was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, then she recovered and returned to council about a year later.
I don't know what happened in the interim.
How is no strategy to regain our parks from occupation a strategy?

“This report marks a shift away from enforcement and another step toward putting people first.
– Gord Tanner, General Manager, Toronto Shelter and Support Services

The residents of this city who want to enjoy their parks are people too, Gord.
If the strategy was to help people move out of encampments and into housing, it could be described as putting people first. But the strategy appears to be "enhanced supports for people living [in?] encampments", which is an extremely band-aid approach to the problem. Sometimes a band-aid is necessary, but that shouldn't be your strategy.