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  • Hi I don't have posting privileges and thought this paragraph from a (not online) Condo Guide article by Ben Myers would be of interest to investors, purchasers & others.
    Excerpt from:
    "What should investors look for in a new condominium..
    What about parking?.. Eighty-five per cent of units leased in the Toronto CMA in Q3 2012 came with a parking space. The median unit without parking leased for $1,650 per month compared to $1,700 for units with parking. Units without parking leased in 12 days, on average, while suites with parking took four days longer. Given that parking can range from $30,000 to $65,000, a further mortgage analysis is not needed to tell you that the rent premium of having a parking space won't offset the higher mortgage payment in this instance." (Myers was more positive about paying the premium for height)
    If you had responded to "egotrippin" gratuitous slander sooner in the projects & construction / Market Wharf thread, I would not have had to deal with him myself. In any case, that thread has beome useless. I'm finished with it. And you.
    Ah ic, 42. Thanks for the reply. I am planning to sell my property in the next couple months and I can use some advices for people who had experiences with agenta spcialize in Yonge and Sheppard neighbourhood. I did do a bit digging and did not find sinformation I am looking for. Iam more than happy to comply the rule on this board. Thank you for the feedback.


    Hi I am new here. Just wondering is there any restriction for posting a new thread on this fourm? I followed the link UrbanToronto sent me to activate my acount but I was kept telling that I don't have the priviliege to post the new thread. Any thought? Thanks!
    Hi, received some pop up message from from but when i tried to open it my computer lost it, can you resend it to me please??
    Oops, thanks for letting me know. Comment revised :)

    This series of Festival Tower articles is great!
    I really do need to check messages here more often... belated 'hello' and confirmation that yes it's Andrew (aka "Andy" I suppose in RyeHigh). Hope you are doing well. You can reach me at Cheers.
    Hi, any news on when the BSN thread will be coming back. I've got some pix and the project is moving along quickly now. Thanks, Andrew
    yeah i bought in the plazacorp project. I have the southwest corner of the west tower so one tower wont cause me too much of a problem. I bought there because I was under the impression that the CNE wouldn't be built on. But thats life i guess...

    Thanks for your reply

    Question about the CNE, I was wondering if you knew if there is going to be any other future mid-high rise buildings being developed on the grounds, or if this is the only one. I am worried about my future view!

    Hey Craig..very good memory! Sorry I didn't reply sooner...just clicked on this function for the first time today.
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