Toronto U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre (Phase 1) | 64.8m | 13s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

Now that is a thing of beauty. The massing is compelling and bold. If the design holds through the process it will be both the materials and window treatments that will take this to the next level. I see two different window treatments on each side so it is likely the design is still pretty fluid at this point. Hoping for the best.
Wow could really change the intersection for decades! Hopefully some retail and study spaces. This edge of campus could use more study spaces. (coffee shops, food, etc.)

Also I think this is only Phase 1?
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Replacing this at 112 College:




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For me it's a handsome if under-loved building that contributes to a pleasant red-brick fabric along this bit of College. An unfortunate loss that will hopefully be totally justified if this project turns out as cool as it looks.

I just hope phase 2 goes behind its neighbour at 100 College. Losing the whole block would be a real shame.
It's weird and white - I like it!

Not totally convinced about the massing and especially how it meets the ground but it's a good start
That white is amazing. It really pops against the surroundings, highlighting itself but also making the other buildings look even better.

Also looking more closely, the cladding looks very similar in depth to what we are seeing at Varacalli’s 1 Yorkville.