Toronto Toronto House | 186.53m | 58s | Westbank | Hariri Pontarini

Tuesday Dec 27

Indeed. Laugh out loud. This building topping out is absolutely hilaroius, pure comedy if you will.

This is not meant to be a critique of you at all. I use lol all the time now almost just as filler or a way to end a sentence even when it makes zero sense. I just find it funny how it's an acronym that has essentially lost all its meaning these days and when you spend too much time thinking about how it's used in sentences you actually lol.
Your right, back in my day "lol" used to mean something but now it's mostly just filler... Like 90% of the buildings going up in this city(or 99% of the girls you see on Instagram) 😌

Thankfully this building is not one of them. Maybe he's just "loling" because he can't believe such a high quality building was built in the entertainment district, kind of like how some people cry when they're extremely happy?
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