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Photos taken today, Friday (May 19). They were raising sections of the third truss for assembly on the roof of the south section of the complex when I was there. Perhaps as I am writing this, they are raising the completed truss to the west side, attaching to the brackets there. As seen in the photos showing the west side, the blue scaffolding has been moved from the top to allow the crane to clear as the truss is swung over from the south roof and attached to the brackets visible in the wider shot near the bottom. The temporarily moved scaffold sections can be seen below the regular blue scaffolding on the north face. Presumably this weekend will see more of the sections raised and hung from the (soon to be) three trusses.

Included is the latest "time-lapse" photo for my Oct 2020-May 2023 Flickr album:



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I don't find myself in the yonge and bloor area often, but I did today. Figured I'd contribute to the spam of identical pictures.View attachment 478642
There's a reason why I sometimes call this vantage point "The Golden Corner."

I posted my own photos from the Golden Corner:

I will post Part 3 (Yonge Side) shortly.

Edit: Just realized that I have already posted the shots from the Golden Corner.
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"New 'The One' Picture. What do you think? Took it yesterday."

"It's very cool Bateman, but that's nothing. Look at this."

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"Impressive...Very nice...Let's see Paul Allen's picture."

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Look at that subtle off-white sky colouring...the tasteful angle of it...oh my god! It even has both lights red!
Photos taken today, Sunday (May 21). Looks like a bunch of us were there around the same time, thaivic looks like you were there the same time, BloorMan shortly afterwards!

A lot up since my last post two days ago. The third truss with two hanging platform sections were all put up on the west side since Friday, and the two end hanging platform sections were installed on the north side, with my photos showing some of the installation of the second end platform on the north side. These are the first time we've seen any of the presumably 6 end platform sections installed. I must have misunderstood when I was told there'd be 9 sections to a side - while that part seems correct, I thought a corner section to connect each side would also be placed. That's obviously not correct on my part.

So, views of what each of the three sides now looks like (the south side, with the crane, will have a different system installed).

Looks like from BloorMan's photos that that extra section I shot being staged on Yonge Street was hoisted... maybe to one of the four gaps on the north side?


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