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Not to go on about this too much, BUT a refusal of a building permit really is a 'construction topic'. Not, I agree, a major one in this case but ...
I assume it was for some minor variance within the hotel portion? And why was it refused? Safety reasons?

It would be nice to start a separate conspiracy theory thread, perhaps on a different website, so the concerned may have free reign to blather away, so this one stays focused on building the building.
I mean Mr. Benito can even photograph the progression of the 300 metre /tinfoil hat that will be built over there... 😼
On a more positive note, there was a lot of workers on site today as well as a concrete pour. Too windy to take an aerial shot from by balcony but here is one from the amenities level.
The reason wasn’t provided in the document posted, hence my question.
But the application was for them to start fitting out the hotel lobby interior.
Then there must have been some safety/technical issue(s) flagged. They can reapply once they dealt with that I gather.
There's more cladding coming somewhere. They've got a frame on dollies in that little bridge section between the low-rise elevators and the tower. You can see it just below the tarps
I thought they would have done the diagonals and corner fill-ins at this point and the floor they're forming now would be another "full floor". Apparently not. Maybe the corners will be a trailing activity all the way up?