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Toronto Rental Cost (& AirBnB) Issues

"Landlords and tenants trying to resolve disputes in Ontario say the province’s landlord and tenant board is failing them, plagued by excruciatingly long delays. The National’s Adrienne Arsenault explains the problems with the system and why some say it’s making Canada’s housing crisis worse."

I went to this last night and have to say most of the people showed up were "Airbnb operators/Airbnb property managers"

I have attached the slides down below
9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0001.jpg 9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0002.jpg 9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0003.jpg 9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0004.jpg9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0005.jpg 9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0006.jpg9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0007.jpg9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0008.jpg9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0009.jpg9107-short-term-rental-public-consultation-deck2023-10-17_page-0010.jpg

Trudeau government to crack down on people who profit from short-term rentals like Airbnb: source​

A narrowly focused fall fiscal update coming Tuesday from federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland includes a measure designed to make it less lucrative for people to use their properties as short-term rentals, the Star has learned.

Property owners in areas that already restrict short-term rentals will no long be able to claim their rental expenses against the income they make, a senior federal official told the Star, in a bid to take away the incentive to flout local restrictions and list properties on platforms like Airbnb anyway.