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Toronto, raccoon capital of the world

The only thing that seems to keep them away is, believe it or not, yes they do sell it, Wolf urine. I had a raccoon highway through my yard, they took over at night fall. They even chewed the damn lid off my green bin. My yard was destroyed as they hunted for grubs. There is a hydroponic store on Kingston rd, west of midland. They sell 1litre bottles. I just put a little here and there and on the fence line, they rarely ever come around anymore and if they do, they move on quickly.

Just don't ask where they get the wolf piss from, lol
RaccoonNation, earlier this week.

My mom plant mint leaves in her backyard. I heard they repel raccoon. Though my mom doesn't actually plant them for that purpose, she plants them for food (we're Viet).
Funny thing, A raccoon is the reason my entire office has the day off. No power in the building, and a fried raccoon laying under the transformer out back. RIP, and thanks for sacrificing your life for me, little bud.
I get them every so often , a quick squirt with a hose and they tend to bug out, I just have to reach for it they retreat.
It probably just grabbed a quick bite in Chinatown and was heading back to the clan downtown.
It probably just grabbed a quick bite in Chinatown and was heading back to the clan downtown.

It's kind of cute, but one would do well to remember there is an ongoing rabies outbreak in the raccoon population in Hamilton - and that there is no serious cure once it gone symptomatic in humans.

I went to college with the lady who wrote that article about raccoon sex. She is a nice person and one of the few in our class to actually become a journalist, so it is sad to see her being assigned this garbage...
I just spent a whole day with Derick McChesney of SWAT wildlife doing raccoon removal all over Toronto.

I took a lot of pictures and wrote a day-in-the-life of a raccoon removal expert story for Life as a Human magazine. And I cannot describe the stench in the air on our last call.

I will never forget the smell as he cut into a ceiling on the top floor of a three story walk-up in the annex to find a nest of baby raccoons in the attic. That dust is toxic, and smells ... well its just indescribably bad.

When Derick found the baby raccoons everyone was relieved. The homeowner was mortified, and I was gagging from the stench of the scene as he pulled them out of the ceiling.

And do you know what happened next? He left the babies outside near the tree the Mother raccoon uses to climb up to the roof, so she will find them, collect them and raise them somewhere else. That's the reality of raccoon removal services in Toronto. They do NOT destroy the creatures, but rather try to find a way everyone can co-exist with minimal loss of life and property damage. That is the law they follow not their own policy. Derick is just doing his job, which is unlike any other service profession I have ever known.
I wonder if they could use something like contraceptives or birth control programs to control the raccoon population. That's often an option for wildlife control that isn't as controversial as killing the animals to curb excess population (since that's generally not popular with the public). For example, I know they can put contraceptives in food bait for animals, and this is sometimes done with birds like pigeons or Canada geese.