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Toronto Police Service Reformation

IMO, police misconduct must also include willful ignorance to criminal activity. Lack of conduct can be misconduct.
That would be extremely hard to enforce. It's very hard to prove someone saw/recognized something when they say they didn't. In the case above, if we start charging the cops, basically there will be willful ignorance. Unless you commit a crime directly in their line of sight, no cop would act and do any enforcement. Why risk any different interpretation of "reasonable search" when you can just do nothing at all?
This trial needs to be tossed.

Isn’t the entire point of police officers being undercover or in plain clothes so that the public will not recognize them as police officers? If so, plain clothes officers should never interact with the public in their official role. If plain clothes cops walked up to my car in a parking lot I’d be locking the doors and looking to escape. And if I saw them flash what they claim is a police badge ($5 at Party City), I’d call 911 and tell them to send a uniform officer here.

Toronto police procedure needs to be amended, so that plain clothes officers never approach the public in their official capacity unless they’re making an immediate arrest. Otherwise, your job is to observe in disguise, and if TPS interactions with the public are necessary, call in a uniformed officer.
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