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Everytime I drive by this I shake my head in disbelief that Pickering got scammed with this casino.
The plan vs what we got is a disgrace…
If I’m correct the initial plan was the land owners vision for the property. I only wish that Pickering Casino would’ve followed that site plan, would’ve been a true landmark and bring so much economic growth to Durham.
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The performance venue isn’t complete yet but will be before the end of the year.
The Arena at Pickering Casino Resort is set to open with a performance by ... Bryan Adams on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.
Going by the seating chart now displayed on Ticketmaster, it would appear to be a smaller (2500 seats) but similar layout to the venue at CasinoRama, with a "floor" area immediately in front of the stage and then a grandstand.
With all the other competing venues, I think it's going to be tough for them to attract many big acts. Rama has already dropped down a couple of levels in that regard, with their list of upcoming shows now having mostly the type of acts that appear at the suburban performing arts centres, although Fallsview looks to be doing a little better with their two venues (including new 5000-seat theatre). And I assume the venue at Woodbine should be opening some time in the next year or two.
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They already had a boxing match there in January as first event. I found it hard to find tickets for the boxing event as I was curious about the layout....

Perhaps hoping to attract people from Toronto area without the hour+ drive? I wonder if they'll ever shuttle to/from the GO stations.
They already had a boxing match there in January as first event...
Has there been other events? It seems the 5000-seat theatre at Fallsview started having shows with audiences (TV tapings) in October 2022, then had several more before designating one in late Feb 2023 to be a "grand opening".
Edit: Another boxing event has been set for Pickering, and other events (for example a Queen tribute act) will likely be announced soon.
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Not that I could find. Note the Bryan Adam's concert doesn't appear to have language suggesting a grand opening or the like; simply they are opening the doors... Although it may have the fanfare what would be considered such - boxing (at that level) may be a bit niche for a grand opening.

In addition, there have been and continue to have live music as the CA·SU·AL bar/resto.
Still a few things remaining on the exterior