Toronto Living Shangri-La Toronto | 214.57m | 66s | Westbank | James Cheng

Ya 8 seems about right. Its almost at the level Ritz is right now. At least from my view.






I just got blown away....... again! ^^^
holy cow! that looks AMAZING! this building is STUNNING! why did they remove the hoarding?
Naturally, they wanted to impress us all :D

LOL!... but for safety reasons, it'll still be there right (wood on top for protection of pedestrians)?... It's just the Shangri-la banners that are gone..
this tower really does rock. Even the podium looks like a performance art centre or something like that!.. contemporary, slick, sharp, SMART!
Wow, I didn't even realize there was glass on that pavilion to the north. That's some seriously clear glass. Should look neat in the winter, with the greenery inside.
If you had a unit 60th floor and up. Which corner would you want? South East into financial district and CN Tower/ Lake? South west for lake and saggua? North West or North East for Queens Park and Downtown?
I'd take the south two-storey penthouse with south, west and east views. If it's sold I'd take a south-west suite as it would offer lake, CN tower and western views which I'd prefer (along with sunsets vs. sunrises) plus a good part of the downtown area would be visible standing at a south facing window. It would also be a little quieter on the balcony without the traffic noise on University Ave.