Toronto Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | Arcadis

From this morning!
Glass seems to look fine. I think for the "premium" buildings in City Place, however, the tower shapes are quite boring. Yes, yes, I realize market economics and city preference dictates a mostly rectangular plate around 750m2 or whatever. This is less pleasant on the eye than if it were a perfect rectangle.
Dec 19, 2022


Expectations were pretty low for a Concord project but the glass isn't the worst, I'm very interested to see how the lighting installation will look but I'm not holding my breathe for distinctly visible Maple Leafs.

Super overbearing podium but that section of Spadina isn't a super pedestrian friendly street to begin with. And to be honest, the CityPlace buildings actually do quite well with their retail podiums and condo amenities.
the entirety of CityPlace is a trainwreck of ugliness and overbearing podiums... west of Spadina anyway. I actually liked the four oldest buildings south of SkyDome that dont really have podiums. but now the clunkiness of the stuff west of Spadina reaches it's climax here with this monstrosity that they held back and marketed as the signature towers of the entire development. once again, another lost opportunity.