Toronto 251 The West Mall | 40.52m | 13s | NJS Capital | BDP Quadrangle

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May 20, 2007
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This new to the AIC proposal covers multiple low-rise rental properties currently occupying 251-285 The West Mall. These properties back on the 427, and located south of Bloor and north of Dundas St West.

There is a comparable block of buildings immediately to the south of these which would presumably be the subject of similar treatment should this proposal move forward with a measure of success.

The intent is to replace these in their entirety with 3 x 13s buildings.

Replacement rental units are proposed, along with net new rental units and condo units.



Aerial Pic:


Site Size: ~ Just shy of 1ha/2.5 acres

* Docs are Up *

Architect is BDPQ





Comments: The site abuts multi-storey commercial to the north, like apartments (2-3s) to the south and Highway 427 to the east.

Those should make this proposal more feasible from a height perspective. It is, however, directly across from SFH with a typical 1s profile. I expect pushback.


248 parking spaces are proposed.
People wouldn't come without retail network. Retail needs a lot of people.
Classic chicken and egg dilemma.
It will be solved if all West Mall projects from Burnhamthorpe to Dundas are built.
Looks like Councilor Holiday is not anti-development.
Keep the fingers crossed.
It will be very disruptive and I'm totally sympathetic to the current residents.

We can draw some solace in the law requiring developers to replace demolished rental units.

Tenants will get new units of similar size and I believe at a similar monthly rate as their current arrangements.
people live here, how would you like it if your home was demolished? leave these apartments alone!
If I like the place, I certainly wouldn't want the hassle of moving out of it and finding a new place. Hopefully the developers would assist in finding new accommodations for their tenants while they rebuild, some in the city have done that… and the City will require the developer to provide you with a same-size unit at only inflation-adjusted rates when the new building is complete, and theoretically everything will be the latest technologically, etc.… although that would mean moving again. It's a hassle, but land values and demand for housing mean that landowners want to put more housing on their existing sites.