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I would only observe on the above, that if there were some attempt at what the City is likely to accept by way of separation distances that would necessarily eat into the floor plate size here.

The City's demand for sidewalk/ROW widening on both Bloor and Balmuto would do the same.

I think the City might well accept 20M distance here, but I don't see them going for less.

I don't see the very wealthy neighbours or soon-to-be neighbours going for a 15m separation either.
That was actually on the May agenda, originally.
Here are the points raised in the council meeting...

On May 9, 2023 approximately 35 members of the public attended a Community Consultation Meeting, as well as representatives for the applicant and the Ward Councillor. Following presentations by City Staff and the applicant, the following comments and issues were raised:

Vehicle congestion and movement on the public lane and road network resulting from the proposed development, in addition to existing and planned buildings in the area; 
Demand on the Bloor-Yonge subway station; 

Adequacy of the proposed number of short-term pick-up and drop-off parking spaces; 

Proximity of the proposed building to the adjacent buildings at 35 Balmuto Street and 1 Bloor Street West (currently under construction); 

Need for the coordination of construction with the adjacent One Bloor Street West project; 

Shadows and wind impacts on the public realm; 

Concerns about the high density of development on the block and the surrounding area; 

Configuration and use of the retail space;

and  Lack of community space and park space within the development.
It all reads like this developer should have known better. What a rube.
So... is this off to the OLT? Or is it now cancelled?
The developers will have to consider if they feel they can get this idiotic proposal through the OLT or not, it's up to them. If they don't feel confident, or if they have even the least little bit of conscience, then they will increase the building's step-backs to the point where there is a reasonable distance between it and its neighbours, and resubmit that to the City.

I mean, "We recommend refusal because we find the developers are being idiots," will have a certain satisfactory ring to it...
I don't know if developers in Toronto are greedy (fill the site with as many units as possible) or if the market just doesn't support super-luxury condos with fewer units which would still make economic sense to developers. For example, in New York they're building a 54-storey condo with just 41 units (!) on a site probably smaller than this.
This one did go to OLT and the Merit Hearing is scheduled for June 10, 2024.

The first CMC was this past January.

We know this, because the item will be before Council next week, the details are currently confidential.

NYC (especially Manhattan) could not be a more different market to Toronto. There are essentially no parallels except that they're both physical buildings(?)...

111W57, for example, is 435m and only 60 units. It's also got 14 elevators (6 more than this embarrassing pile).

To compare 19 Bloor West vs like comparing apples to oranges. Two different product types!
111W57, for example, is 435m and only 60 units. It's also got 14 elevators (6 more than this embarrassing pile).
One could facilitate a royal wedding in each unit is a bit of an overkill in the footprint department, to put it mildly...