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The Climate Change Thread

I must admit that I thought Canada already had a national fire service. I expect our neighbours were equally surprised.

The US doesn't have one either. But their states have robust state level agencies in states that are prone to fire. There's nothing like Calfire in Canada.

Ontario, Quebec, BC and Alberta should be building agencies like this, but they don't. Ask yourself why instead of worrying why the feds don't take on yet more.
Since when does Ottawa and especially this federal government care about jurisdiction? If we can have federal ministers of health, housing, environment, and natural resources, all areas of provincial responsibility, why not a federal lead on wild fire management or at least intra-provincial cooperation? When wildfire smog impacts Canada distant neighbours it become a national and international matter.

I must admit that I thought Canada already had a national fire service. I expect our neighbours were equally surprised.

Federal involvement in national healthcare is a result of federal-provincial agreements resulting in the Canada Health Act and is essentially a money distribution role and an attempt to maintain standards. Other than areas of federal jurisdiction (FN, military), they are not directly involved in delivery. Aspects of environment and natural resources are constitutionally shared areas. As far as I'm concerned housing is completely out of the federal lane.

The US doesn't have a national fire service except fire fighting services under the US Forest Service which is responsible for federal lands. The Fire Administration, by their own website is "to support and strengthen fire and emergency medical services (EMS) and stakeholders to prepare for, prevent, mitigate and respond to all hazards." They don't fight fires either. The federal-state jurisdictional silos are stronger than anything we have to deal with.

What should the federal government do that the provinces can't, other than have bags and bags of money that they like to spend like drunken sailors.
You lost me, is this question or suggestion?
Maybe both?

What should the federal government do? Hire firefighters, buy fire trucks, planes, helicopters and all the other kit they need, then fly or drive into a province to do what the provinces can't or are unwilling to do? It seems everybody want the federal government to be all things to all people, right down to funding municipal transit, then complain about the money they spend.

Toronto has a comparatively low municipal tax rate, yet the infrastructure is crumbling. The Ontario government boasts it is putting money back in the pockets of hard working Ontarians, yet cut the MNRF's Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services by 67% in 2019.
Exactly. I think the federal government needs to do less. Not more. And heck, maybe once a few towns burn down these provinces will start taking both climate change and firefighting more seriously. The Feds are a convenient foil for all these provincial governments who don't do anything.