News   Jul 12, 2024
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News   Jul 12, 2024
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News   Jul 12, 2024
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Regional Governance Review

Some kind of announcement tomorrow morning

Been waiting on this one. Don't know what's coming.

For many municipalities being studied I don't have a good read on their local situation.

For those I do............

I would like to see Transit formally transferred to the region in Niagara; and some slimming of municipalities there. Apologies to Thorold, bu I think its long since time it became part of St. Kitts.

I'd also like to see Tecumseh, and LaSalle merged into Windsor, ON.

I don't think there should be an over-arching bias to amalgamation which often proves more costly that useful.

But some strategic shifts of responsibility and some select moves to merge municipalities where there separate existence no longer makes sense, would be welcome.

It is the Ford gov't though, so I'm not holding out too much hope.......
Well.........the entire exercise seems to have been a waste of time, with zero changes forthcoming.

I suppose one should be thankful for small mercies, if they tried to change anything, they likely would have got it wrong.........but still.

Yet another walk-back.
Mississauga will be miffed.
Clearly, they saw no votes in it for them - probably realized it would cost them.
Our personal experience with a rural municipality shotgunned to a neighbouring urban one is our taxes went up for absolutely no benefit.