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Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)


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Dec 24, 2016
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Thank-you for your questions, as they provide some interesting insights to the disconnect in this discussion.

Perhaps caused by the relentless trolling from the anti-capitalist crowd on this forum,

in order:

  1. Pickering is purposed as a utility airport ( see ASA report). On the low end, this is similar traffic to what is now being handled at Buttonville, on the high end these are the operators being squeezed out of Pearson by high costs and lack of ground space.
  2. While your average consumer only sees aviation from an big airline point of view , the majority of flights in Canada are not related to the large airlines. But specially airlines ( Fly GTA for example) does operate out of Buttonville today, so pickering is expected to continue and have the ground space to expand. ( disclosure- Some of my freelance gigs have involved flying for, or doing flight training for these operators)
  3. Pearson and City center have foot print /space constraints and have selectively blocked utility operators with high prices as they are not seen as maximizing scarce resource utilization compared to the airlines. Buttonville has always been the overflow. This is the reason it has a waiting list of aircraft looking for hangar space and the reason why it is a profitable private airport. Why pay $1100 to land and park at signature for an hour at yyz when you can land and park at Buttonville for a $100, offload and load with ease?

1. I thought you were touting it as a GA airport to take traffic from Pearson.
2. People on here are not quite that naive.
3. Why can''t they then move to Hamilton's or Waterloo's?