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Parking Problem

The trend to large SUV is almost certainly partially driven by marketing. Large SUVs are very popular and you don't see as many families buying minivans compared to twenty years ago. When I go to my kids school, to see a van is not common.

This is despite the fact the minivan provides more space of occupants, and costing much less. But vans have a vibe that customers have decided they don't like, and that vibe is reinforced by marketing for SUVs.

My elderly parents are going to get an SUV next, at least whenever the Toyota Corrola dies out (which who knows when as it's over 200k on the odometre now and hasn't had any serious issues yet). The reason though is their elderly hip and knee issues they find the higher SUV much more comfortable and accessible. My mother has great difficulty getting in and out of the low Corolla, but in her friend's SUV she found it simple and non-painful to enter sit and exit.
I wonder if our aging population experiences and sees the same.
it's not just American cars, all car models are getting bigger like new Honda Civic is the same size as an older Honda Accord which was mid sized before. just look at how small the original Toyota Rav4 was vs current Rav4 model