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Parking Enforcement Officers Parking Illegally?

I guess the issue of whether a parking enforcement officer is entitled to park illegally or not should be considered on a case-by-case basis. I remember an older thread (either here or on skyscrapercity) by someone recounting having seen a parking enforcement vehicle parked on King St. during rush hour (i.e. illegally) tying up traffic behind it as cars were forced to squeeze into one lane. Meanwhile, the officer was ticketing cars on some quiet residential side street. I think that particular case is an example of abuse of privileges.

thats a very good example and I've seen many variations on it... I find it baffling why cops seem to enjoy pulling people over on major roads and tie up a lane of traffic without any care of the inconvenience they are causing other motorists. I think it should be protocol and generally understood by the public that if you are pulled over by the police that you should turn of onto a side street or parking lot while they write up your ticket. It just occurs to me that this is some sort of ego trip and really goes against common sense and courtesy.
I like the Segue idea posted earlier. I'd love to see these guys rolling up and down the streets like American mall security cops. :)
Do parking laws not apply to the people who are meant to enforce them?

On a day when CTV News is reporting that parking enforcement officers were parking their cruiser in the disabled spot at a Tim Horton's, UrbanToronto has photos of parking enforcement officers parking illegally so that they could hand out tickets to other people doing the same thing.

The following were shot on Tuesday, August 24.

3:58 PM, Peter Street north of King


4:40 PM, Church Street north of Isabella


Same spot, just proving no-one is in the car


On a previous evening I came across a parking enforcement officer handing out tickets on Temperance Street. He was parked illegally, and I challenged him on it. He answered "Well, where am I supposed to park?" Isn't that the same question that lots of Torontonians ask themselves? Most manage to find a legal spot.

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