News   Jun 14, 2024
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News   Jun 14, 2024
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News   Jun 14, 2024
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Midge Infestation!!!

Funny thing is I had a huge infestation of midges last year when I had the screen removed from my 23rd floor solarium window. This year, barely seen any. A pity on you ground-dwellers. More seriously, there has been an alarming decrease in the number of many songbirds in Ontario recently, hopefully the plentiful insects will help reverse that trend.
Yes, I noticed that too - the dawn chorus was as raucous as ever this spring, and then the birdies fell silent.
It's confusing a lot of environmentalists/researchers, because their numbers should be up, due to more conservation, less pesticide use and such. Yet it is not happening. We're in trouble, I tells ya!
I don't see lots of little feathered corpses lying about. There's no Dead Parrot Sketch analogy to be drawn.

I wonder where the birdies is?
There are millions of them on the roof-deck of my building. I was trying to get a sunset shot of Casa and got covered in them a few evenings ago, same thing this morning. A fellow in the elevator said that they were Shadflies, whatever they are, but the photo on Wiki convinced me that they are Midges. Ick. I had to strip down to my boxers in the hallway the other night then dash into the shower to get them all off me.
Yuck! nasty buggers.
Kind of funny though...good thing your neighbors didn't see you! Imagine trying to explain why you are undressing in the hallway :)
Thankfully the ones here don't actually land on me, I would have totally freaked...and yeah shadflies are totally different.
Does anyone know how long they stay around or how to get rid of them? I have them all over the ceiling, the screen door and windows outside on my balcony. I've tried spraying the screen door with RAID and they seem to staying off it now, but the buggers are all over the place and I can't even enjoy my balcony :S
Don't worry, the spiders will be along soon enough to take care of them for you..

You wouldn't believe the colony of spiders I had on my balcony last year. The midges are back, and I've just wasted a nice Sunday scrubbing away nests while beating off swarms of these darn thangs.
They definitely didn't include that in the condo brochure ;-) Guess I'll wait for the spider's then....