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Our story from March 2017 is here.
Our story from April 2017 is here.
Our update for May 2017 is here:
A new video by Norm Li offers a more comprehensive preview of the suite interiors at Great Gulf and Hullmark's home: Power and Adelaide.

Our update for June 2017:
Amenities at Great Gulf and Hullmark's 'home; Power and Adelaide' offer plenty of opportunities for residents to relax, have fun, enjoy the skyline, and the city itself.
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Has anyone received an email from the developer to select flooring/colours/countertops, etc?
Or any idea if showrooms will open by appointment to see the fixtures in person before making the selection?
I corresponded with Great Gulf some months ago as I also wondered about completion estimate. I was told that owners should be receiving information before end of 2020. Estimate for completion as of February 2020 was late summer/early fall 2021.
I have a unit here on the 4th floor.

I received a revised tentative occupancy date to July 21st, 2021, originally from December 18th, 2020.

Also, I got word from the client liason of Home Condos (September 2020) that they should be reaching out starting this fall actually.
Good morning, first post here. I'm an owner on the 5th floor. Here's a photo from last night: