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Harbourfront Centre

Considering how much this was a tourist draw I'm disgusted in how cheap and stingy the City has become. If anything the City clearly doesn't understand where they should be parking their money. I will go the point of stating that they should close or divert the money away from the rinks in tony areas such as North Toronto and Lawrence Park and use it towards the Harbourfront rink.

Hold up just a moment...........

If you're going to blame folks, shouldn't you blame the right folks?

This is NOT a City skating rink; and the City is not the one removing it.

That's Habourfront Centre, a third-party non-profit.
Apr 1, 2023



A month later and the patio decks for Boxcar Social and Harbourfront Centre look complete. The western portion around the trees has progressed.



From what I can tell, they've shifted the hoarding beyond the patio area, which makes me think they plan to start using the patios before finishing the rest of the square.

A quick note to the mods, I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post updates the work going on at Harbourfront Centre. There doesn't appear to be one in Buildings.
Thus far, I'm not taken by what I'm seeing. Planting conditions look good for the trees; though the soil looks a bit iffy; not the colour I would like to see.

But I find the space, at this juncture, a bit cold and sterile. I'll reserve judgement to after furnishing and illumination are addressed, but I'm not hopeful.
Just a quick little update: I spoke to someone connected with the Harbourfront Centre and they said that there is a lot of programming planned for the open space so having it look like an empty void is not a concern. The space to the west of Boxcar Social is being renovated for kitchens for festivals and events that will be utilising the open space for seating. I asked about a possible larger scale expansion such as adding floors above all of the buildings and she said that was not being looked at. ;)
I got the 2023 Year in Review from Waterfront for All and it mentions that a letter was recently sent to the Feds (who fund it) expressing concern that this facility is being neglected and deserves a big rethink.