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News   Jun 14, 2024
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CNE Air Show

I used to have a front row seat for the air show. Plenty of people in my building who had come to Canada as refugees didn’t like it. I miss seeing it now that I have moved because I enjoyed it, but I never think it’s “hilarious” that people are triggered.
Like I personally don't care that much of the airshow but it SEEMS like it is mostly white urban downtown people complaining on behalf of refugees. And there will be the odd exception i'm sure, but I just have a feeling most genuine refugees who just escaped war are not going to be concerned with some planes flying around literally ONCE A YEAR.
Considering we have one of North America’s premier aviation museums nearby, why don’t we see aircraft from the warplane heritage in Hamilton?

I looked at the line-up and, yes, it seems thinner than it used to be; certainly thinner than it was when I worked at Ontario Place in the mid-80s. I know nothing about running an airshow but there are many possible reasons, including cost and insurance. The Warplane Heritage Museum is private, as are all the private acrobatic and other aircraft, and I imagine they charge quite a bit to participate. It also might have something to do with aircraft availability.
The city where my daughter lives is a military town and they dropped their airshow a few years ago simply because of insurance costs. I recall the MNR (I refuse to call it the MNRF or whatever the latest government is calling it) doing regular water bombing demos but suspect this summer they are otherwise engaged. I also recall RAF aircraft but I imagine budgets got it the way. The Commemorative Air Force has been adding Canada to their vintage aircraft tours the last few years and it would have been nice to snag them for a show. Again it might be scheduling and cost - one of the crew was telling me that the cost-per-flight-hour for their B-29 is $11K.

While I won't discount that refugees from war-torn countries may feel traumatized (how many refugees actually live in the sound cone, given the cost of housing), the complaints I read year after year also include militarization, fossil fuels, noise in general and a whole host of 'I-want-to-live-in-a-city-than-sounds-like-the-country' arguments. What's next on their agenda - sirens?
I've always wanted to see a B-52 do a low flyover. And maybe a B-2. And I think there are modern Russian(?) fighters with even greater manoeverability than the F-22 (a jet that is a true sight to behold). Wouldn't mind seeing that here.
As a once in a year thing, I don't mind it at all. And it's loud where I am as they fly by.

They fly right by my windows. Ok, out over the lake, but I'm in one of the closest residences to the general flight path.
Sunday was rough for getting rest after a night out, but it's not the end of the world.

I do say, though, I have thought about people who lived through war potentially tripping a nut. Then again, most Parkdale residents of recent immigrant status are Tibetan.

It's like anything I don't partake of in the city: someone does, so leave it be and keep to yourself.
My daughter was a bit concerned with the noise but I like the fact that the air show exists and it takes place right over the City. The sight and sound of a powerful military jet streaking over the City gives us a brief understanding of what it feels like for the people living in places we send those damn things to you see on the news.