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Chinatown Street Signs

We don't need "multi-language" (whatever THAT is), but we clearly do need someone with better a command of the English language on the forum. Your post is borderline unreadable - and ranting about the NDP on here won't help you an iota on that front.

As to the Chinese font used - a bigger issue might be that the dominant population in Chinatown from mainland China uses simplified Chinese.


Bah! lol. So does e-bashing my post make you feel better about yourself, or that 'moderator' title under your name?

Exciting times you are in ;)
For your record, here are the rules:

- Use the English language. If we can’t understand it we will delete it. And use proper grammar. Again if we can’t understand it we will delete it.

Quite frankly, if I am really ruthless with it, half of your postings on here would have been consigned to the trashbin on that reason alone. Calling other members who stayed on topic as "NDP-esque posters" might be cute the first time - but seeing it in every other post of yours is just getting tired. Consider yourself on notice.

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I know no one has replied to this thread in a while, maybe a little off topic.

But to respond to the original post, I really love the Chinatown street signs in Toronto, a great sentiment to Chinese immigrants in Canada. The old hand painted ones have quite a character, and I must agree the new oversized reflective ones with the modern typeface certainly are not as nice.

I have a couple of Chinatown streets signs in my collection that are some of my favorites, including one of the newer ones, I'll attach some photos if anyone is interested in seeing.


image0 (1).jpg