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that's Boutique2 condos ... preobably the building just recently registered hence a whole mass of investers trying to flip their unit or something ....

you can read about this project in this thread (some posts with interior photos):

otherwise I think UT member khristopher can probably give you some opinions from his experience inside

That's awsome thanks, I will have a read it may be what Im looking for
final closing - registration

I just heard today from my lawyer that final closing is scheduled for May 25th for this building.
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Any idea when the ammenities will be done in 126 Simcoe? I think the ammenities are done, but the media room isn't available.

Rabba must be going in soon. They are shutting down power this week to do an upgrade attributable to the Rabba build out.
how do yall think about the new buildings in front of the condo, especiall 240 adelaide on the current crocodile rock bar