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2022 election - who is running for mayor?

AS at 9:36pm, on election night, October 24th, 2022:


My sentiment: Not surprising, marginally disappointing, but mostly accounted for some time ago.
About what I expected to see.
Patrick Brown won too.
Fun times in Hamilton, Horwath is presently in second.

Results have started to come in, with a tight race showing so far between Andrea Horwath and Keanin Loomis for mayor. With 69 out of 246 polls reporting, Loomis is leading by a small margin. He has 24,578 votes, Horwath has 24, 232 and Bob Bratina 7,120.
Ah yes the Vaughan developers are going to be very happy tonight, they will sleep well.

Del Duca is going to find a way to get himself in front of cameras every single chance he gets, he's been craving that attention.
To those who remember the 1988 Toronto mayoral race, she's like this year's Carolann Wright.

LOL...........1/2 of UT's membership wasn't born in 1988, and at least 1/2 of the rest weren't yet adults.....

I wasn't an adult yet, and had to look her up!
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