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  • Hi I have not received any email from the builder yet, but I may get into the same boat with you. I have closed my old house on sep 1 and my time and space firm occupancy date is Aug 30. We will be homeless! and do you know why we will not get compensation?
    My lawyer claims it is due to circumstances beyond the control of the vendor, such as delay due to Covid restrictions, construction strikes, supply shortages, etc.

    I am now asking both the Developer and my lawyer is there remains a possibility that the Delayed Occupancy date can be delayed any further. Still awaiting responses.

    Please let me know how things unfold for you. I will do likewise.
    I understand covid slower down everything, I do not mind if they tell me that firm date is even next year.If we received a firm date, buyers like us make plans per that date. As I have already sold my old condo. I will have no where to live after aug 31. If i can not move in time and space by aug 30. This is not right, we can bring them on court. Yes I will keep you on post. how this goes. Thanks for sharing.
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