Toronto Artists' Alley | 121.91m | 39s | Lanterra | Hariri Pontarini

There's something refreshingly daring (and un-Torontonian) about HPA's diagonal cross-bracings, and so contrary to the risk-averse bland timidity that characterizes so much of this city and country's 21st-century built form. Would not be out of place in an Asian or European metropolis.
Couldn’t agree with you more! I was biking down Spadina a while ago and couldn’t believe how bland and colourless the majority of the buildings in the core are. I do my architecture photography regularly in Australia (going back this February and I will be overwhelmed) and I’m like a kid in a candy store there! Omg. London and Amsterdam were impressive this past summer as well. We need so much more of this unique design here!!! This one project is turning out to be my favourite downtown 👌🏼