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Jul 13, 2016
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Ward 06 - North York District

Zoning Bylaw Amendment application to permit a 13 storey retirement residence for a total of 278 units comprised of memory care, assisted living, independent supportive living and independent living units. Proposal includes two levels of underground parking providing a total of 153 parking spaces. The primary vehicular entrance for residents and visitors would be on Wilson Avenue and a proposed second access is on Cadillac Avenue, designed for service vehicles.

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20 150912 NNY 06 OZ​
Jun 1, 2020​
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This one's at the southwest corner of the offramp from 401 westbound to Bathurst/Wilson.


City reviewing plan to build residential care home in North York

379-381 Wilson Ave.

Oct 14, 2020

According to city documents, the proposed residential care home would have 278 units, comprising of 34 memory care units, 34 assisted living units, 147 independent supportive living units and 63 seniors apartments.

“The proposed building would be a U-shaped building with the highest height along the Highway 401 off-ramp,” a city report said.

The proposal would see two levels of underground parking, providing a total of 153 parking spaces, including 28 visitor spots. Forty bicycle parking spaces are also proposed.

The proposed building, which would have a total gross floor area of 232,831 square feet, would also include 18,641 square feet of indoor amenity space, including a pool, a golf simulator, a dog station, a library, a salon, a fitness room and a pub and bar. The proposal also includes 5,691 square feet of outdoor amenity space, such as “at-grade patios and rooftop terraces for passive recreation purposes,” the city report said.

The city is labeling this as 379 Wilson Ave in the Consultation notices sent out.

A little concerned they are adding another driveway to this stretch of road when they are adding on Cadillac anyways.
Otherwise, I don't see any issues. Wish it was something a little more lively to help the neighbourhood grow, but oh well.
Just noticing in that link that there would need to be road widening?

Correct, well, there must be ROW widening, that space would not necessarily be allocated more lanes.

In point of fact, I can see that it won't be done that way, initially.

Here's the property lines:


You can see where a property on the opposite side of Wilson was pushed back for a distance. But generally Wilson here is 30M across, the OP, I believe suggests it should be 36M with 1/2 of the extra coming from each side as development occurs.