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News   Feb 23, 2024
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News   Feb 23, 2024
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8 King St E (exterior restoration, KingSett Capital, ERA Architects)

Though I agree that Sleep Country are not the best tenants in this prominent location but the retail space is really not very good and I am not sure any retailer would be much better!

There in lies the key, a tenant who can and would restore the space, ideally to full height.

Granted, that would be a vanity project, for a retailer that can afford same.

But it's a nice thought.
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My top of the wishlist tenant for this spot would be something similar to the former Dean & DeLuca flagship grocery store in SoHo NYC before they closed down. But unless the market for mattresses collapses and something drastically happens to lure in a can't miss tenant, then I'm reserved with what is the current status quo. A dude can still dream a bit on a Thursday morning though... ;)
I hope they can come over and redo 401 Bay. That's gorgeous!