Few brand new neighbourhoods in the GTA can compare with the Canary District for the degree of detail and level of execution that's evident here. In this image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor rdaner, we are looking north up a new pedestrian mews between West and East Maple House at Canary Landing, with Cooperage Street carrying on in the background once we cross over Mill Street. Under construction in the left background is Canary House, designed by BDP Quadrangle, while close up, Maple House is the work of Cobe Architects and architects—Alliance. These buildings, and the bridge connecting them, all boast a richness and warmth in their materiality... but the scene could still have fallen a bit flat had the pedestrian realm between the buildings only been concrete sidewalk or asphalt. What we have, instead, is a similarly warm and geometrically engaging, textured-paving stone-lined walkway, softened by the scalloped garden edges to its sides. That's all thanks to the design by CCxA, the late great Claude Cormier's landscape architecture firm. What could have just been a sidewalk is an actual place because of the care shown here, one that's just starting to open up and become another part of Toronto that's a joy to be in.

CCxA's work at Maple House at Canary Landing makes a walkway into a real place, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor rdaner

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