If you have been following UrbanToronto's growth over the past year and a half, you will know that we have added some new elements to what we do… but if you only know UrbanToronto for its development news and Forum, allow us to re-introduce you!

UrbanToronto has become a credible data provider serving the building and development industry. We now offer a roster of services that have become invaluable to our community. For years, UrbanToronto has been amassing a suite of data services for top real estate professionals and it has become a very big element of our work.

UrbanToronto's development database currently tracks over 3,000+ projects and the 6,000+ companies involved in building them. Furthermore, we now follow development beyond the Greater Toronto Area to include the Greater Golden Horseshoe — from Hamilton to Niagara Falls to Kitchener-Waterloo to Barrie to Oshawa — and everything in between.

Toronto, always growing, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor tstormers

Soon to celebrate our 20th year, UrbanToronto currently garners 300,000+ unique visitors per month, one third of whom are involved in the industry (according to an independently conducted reader survey).

UrbanToronto offers a variety of ways to help you do business — tools to support more informed decision making, exposure to key audiences — ultimately to keep you ahead of where the market is going. We are Southern Ontario's leading commercial real estate and development data provider. Here are some highlights:

• UrbanToronto Pro

About a year and a half ago, we launched UrbanToronto Pro, a premium data service that gives you 24/7 access to our entire GTA development database, including project applications and mapping tools. Subscribers to this service can track new projects from inception through to completion.


• UrbanToronto Instant Reports

Our newly launched Instant Reports allow you to pull stats from UrbanToronto based on a specific address, MLS Zone or Toronto Ward. It's a quick and easy way to retrieve basic info on all the projects within your targeted area as a one-time report.

• New Development Insider Newsletter

Our daily subscription-based newsletter that allows you to follow development activity in the City Of Toronto. Sign up for a free trial.

• Premium Listings

A publicly-accessible list of over 300 companies in our database. Users can see what projects a company has worked on, as well as the related news stories UrbanToronto has published. It's a cost-effective way to promote your business to our sizable readership. Join now.

This video provides a highlight of UrbanToronto Pro and some of our services.

For more information, to book a demo, or to request a custom report of specific data you are interested in, Contact Us!