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Hi there,
I am buyer of the Vic Town too. I just saw your post and am wondering what the letter exactly say. Could you share pic of the letter since we have not received any info yet? The last info(they email us ) was saying July 2022 as a new completion date.. We believe they will delay another 1 or 2years though.. It has been really long...Thank you,
Hi should I remove that post?
I think the way it all plays out now is fine. I'm not against other people seeing that we don't accept posts that might read as potential liable against someone who is not likely available to defend themselves… unless you would prefer to pull it down and modify the follow up.
Understood, then yes I think it works now.
🎼 ” There is a tunnel way down in Toronto,
They call the Red Rocket Run
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
I’m late, because I rode one….” 🎼

Hi Koops65​

Please if possible send me view from 35th Floor South view . Thanks in advance.
Parisa Gorjizadeh
Real Estate Sales Consultant
RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage
Hi! I'm Yasushi Ohki and I'm interested in creating some action to save the Graphic Arts Building. I'm trying to locate the Council Report that discusses the purchase of/the subsequent listing of that building. It must have some background information in it that I might find useful. Plus your post refers to some $80K that the Council approved to do some feasibility studies on it. I'm trying to track that down too.

Can I have permission to use one or two of your recent images of 15 Mercer for editorial coverage in Ontario Construction News (

Mark Buckshon
Assistant editor
Red Mars
Red Mars
No problem with using 2 recent images of 15 Mercer for editorial coverage in Ontario Construction News.

Red Mars
City of Rain, Any chance I can use some of your photos from The Amazing Brentwood in an upcoming profile on the project for a trade organization? Your photos are much better than anything I took
Do you know the status of Final Closing of Perla (35/65 Watergarden drive,Missiauga)
Sorry no
I believe the closing will happen sometime in September unless something unforeseen happens.