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What's your Walk Score?


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Apr 22, 2007
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Go to and enter your address in the field at the top of the page, and the website will calculate the walkability (a score out of 100) of your neighbourhood based on the distance to various neighbourhood amenities. Looks like a lot of fun.

My North Scarborough neighbourhood was rated 40/100 - a "car-dependent neighbourhood", but some of the calculations are wrong (for example, the closest library to my house is Goldhawk, not Wooside Square, and T&T at Middlefield and Steeles is not the closest supermarket to my house).

Here's a screenshot of the Walk Score of my workplace... (some inaccuracies here too... Cafe Moda and New Man are both in my building)


Walk Score compiled a list of America's most walkable neighbourhood and cities. Perhaps we can start a list of Toronto's most walkable neighbourhoods based on the Walk Score.
not bad. i'm at yonge and 16th and it scored 57 out of 100. thought it would be a bit worse.
My apartment is the bowels of Mississauga scored a less than stellar 20. However, it seemed to miss many businesses, especially the grocery store which is only a third as far as the one it claims is closest. Strangely, it is aware of the pharmacy in the grocery store.

And even better, my parent's place in rural Niagara scores an impressive 0. Not quite fair, as there are businesses there I have frequently walked to (though it's more a convenient biking distance).
It's pretty bad for Toronto ... so it wouldn't be fair to compare to any city on the American list.

When I say bad I mean tons of places are missing ... not as in we'd score low : - ) I think we'd score really high ... right near the top I'd figure.

For example Yonge and Eglinton is only 88 it's missing the Dominion. Yonge and Empress i.e. NYCC also missing grocery stores and other things ... actually a lot of area's where missing closeby stores in my quick look.
My address gets "90", a walkers' paradise. Why doesn't my waistline reflect that anymore? :(
Alexander and Yonge was a 93. That seems to be the top score, what, I wonder, would you do to get 100? Have even more coffee chains within a metre of your door?

For a joke, I did my sister's house in Monkland, Ontario (between Cornwall and Ottawa). It scored a big fat zero. I guess mosquitos don't count.
Not true ... the top score in Toronto is 97 ... that I've seen.
Try Queen Yonge | Yonge and Dundas ... there's a lot.

From the rankings it looks like the top is 100 ... but again they'll missing locations even downtown!
My address gets "90", a walkers' paradise. Why doesn't my waistline reflect that anymore? :(

dt, you're supposed to actually "walk the walk" :D

This is mildly interesting but they have some work to do to refine it. My place in Mississauga scored 50. However, they missed the supermarket right next door to me, although strangely enough they took note of the coffee shop next door to the grocery store. They said the public library was 3.5 km. away when in fact it is about 1 km. away.
Nice, I scored an 85. Just off King St E, near Trinity. It's true too, I do walk everywhere.
82 out of 100......not too shabby, nearest restaurant is a mere 0.06km (although Mr.Jerk doesn't count in my book)