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Apr 13, 2018
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Potential redevelopment of SmartCentres Meadowvale at Winston Churchill Boulevard and Argentia Road. The site is located next to Lisgar GO and the 401.
Project Background
The City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, is evaluating the appropriateness of converting three employment sites to allow for sensitive uses, including residential development.
More information + Community Meeting #1 presentation slides: https://yoursay.mississauga.ca/employment-sites-review

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Here's some screenshots from Google Maps, first one north is up, second one looking roughly west in the direction of Milton.

Note that the subject lands do not include the Superstore plot and the gas station at the corner of Winston Churchill and Argentia.

Screenshot 2023-04-11 143523.png

Screenshot 2023-04-11 143602.png
Taken from here: https://pub-mississauga.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=23846

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Proposed GFAs:
Office - 57,327 sq. m.
Retail - 24,293 sq. m.
Community - 7,140 sq. m.

Proposed Residential Units:
4,613 total units
470 affordable units

Community use:
7,140 sq. m.

The absurdity of our parkland rules astounds.

4600 units..........

At least until recently, if one built a 1,000 home subdivision, one could reasonably expect to provide a 1 hectare park (2.5 acres) at minimum

Here we have a unit count 4.6x greater; and a population probably 2x, and a park less than 1/3 the size.

The parkland provision needs to be tied the number of people, not the land area.
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I think people fight these intensification exercises on the wrong front. I'd rather have higher tower heights and more/more rational parkland provisions.

I think this is also a good opportunity to move Lisgar GO to roughly where the Superstore is located (though it would eat into this SmartCentres site as well). Buses headed for Lisgar GO lose several minutes coming from Winston Churchill, and it would make more sense if they could easily access the GO station from the major arterial in the area. It seems to me that the location of Lisgar GO was an accident of history and not necessarily the best siting for this station. If we're going to knock down the whole district and build a few billion dollars worth of residential development, why not move the current cheapo station to where it will be more useful for the wider area. At the same time, it will help avoid calls/need for a grade separation for Tenth Line. I suspect Ninth Line may have to be done with all the development taking place on it further south. Tenth Line railway crossing could be closed to car traffic. Ninth Line would be a logical place for an infill GO station as it would provide a interchange with the 407 transitway that is planned in the fullness of time. This would also support moving Lisgar GO a bit further east to maintain 2km spacing, and locate closer to the existing grade separation.
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