Toronto King Portland Centre and Kingly Condos | 57.6m | 15s | Allied | Hariri Pontarini

Pic taken May 4, 2019

Allied's property line is less than a meter from the west face of the building. Waterloo Terrace is a public laneway.
they couldn't have worked something out with the city to at least improve it a bit? The city does have non-asphalt and concrete laneways and roads, believe it or not..
Sure, they (the city) could have. But this is a 'property taxes at the rate of inflation', 'respect for taxpayers' kinda place. You have to pay for the city you want and this city doesn't seem to want nice things.
I'm having a hard time with the city demanding asphalt over concrete, etc. I find your response one sided for that reason. Private owners that want nice things outside of their own spectrum can take the initiative too than doing the bare minimum. The nicest places are usually a result of private and public initiatives.

Gut tells me this is temporary given the amount of effort Allied has put into their development. They have spent tens of millions to then cheap out on thousands of dollars.
Do we know what will go in the base along King? It looks like they're building a restaurant in one of them but I don't know what it'll be.