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Remember way back in April 2023 when @Obsidian posted that screenshot from a drone video that included Phase 2 under construction?

Link to video:



So glad Phase 2 is finally finished


The ’twins’ look great together.

Construction Updates

  • At 141 Bay Street, the concrete core is currently between L8-L9, and structural steel erection on the east, west, and south sides of the core has commenced. When it comes to the building podium, the slabs from P5-P3 are complete, and the P2 slab is ongoing. Work on the parking levels from P3-P1 is also ongoing
  • The Union Station Bridge is also under construction. Pedestrian traffic diversions will continue to be in-place to/from the west Teamway along Union Station during column foundation for the safety of pedestrians, and workers. Bridge structure installation is estimated to start in Q3/4 2023, with lane closures to occur simultaneous to bridge installation – we will share more as soon as these plans are finalized.
  • Demolition of Yonge Street Viaduct was completed in Q4 2022 to prepare for the Backstage bridge, and the start of the bridge structure installation is estimated for Q4 2023. Similar to the Union Station bridge, lane closures to occur throughout construction of bridge – we will share more as soon as these plans are finalized.
Looking Ahead

  • Work on the overbuild park continues to take place overnight, as for safety workers are not permitted to be in the rail corridor when trains are active during the day.
  • As construction continues, our contracting team continues to seek opportunities to reduce noise and neighbourhood impact. Specific measures include:
    • Deliveries will be delivered to the site via Bay Street and exit via Yonge Street. We know truck engines and backup alarms make up much of the anticipated daytime noise, and have therefore undertaken efforts to retrofit trucks with lower pitch backup alarms wherever possible to mitigate noise impacts.
    • In addition, formwork activities related to rebar cages are being pre-fabricated off-site where possible to lower the impact of nailing and stripping.
    • We expect some noise associated with hammering of steel sections into place and the placement of steel decking as we complete the building and park. To help mitigate noise, modified connection design is being utilized to reduce the need to fit the steel with pins and hammers.
    • We’ve proactively selected electric tone guns for torqueing the bolts into steel– quieter than the typical air impact guns.
    • Our team is coordinating with Metrolinx to deliver as many materials as possible during the day to minimize noise at night and maximize productivity in the short night shift.
*Quietly awaits for those braces to be attached on the north side*

...and I thinks the commenting earth will shake when they do. 🙀